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Digital Anthropology Photogrammetry lessons

Here is a brief video of our interactive lesson on photogrammetry with a digital anthropology class at The College of New Jersey in Spring 2019. Students worked together to produce two models. Why photogrammetry? Read on below...

Photogrammetry has become the most popular method for producing affordable, rapid, and the detailed 3D models of small and large objects in any given environment. Almost any kind of camera can be used to produce the necessary data to make advanced 3D models which then can be used for a variety of purposes. Archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians are using photogrammetry techniques to preserve, and represent cultural artifacts in digital spaces. Already, many museums are using the technique to produce online 3d artifact collections that interested members of public can view on the web but also in immersive virtual reality spaces.

Beyond museums and academic uses, corporations and businesses are using photogrammetry to build 3D models of products, objects, and architectural spaces that can be experienced and manipulated online. The range of uses for photogrammetry is growing every day.

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