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Virtual Reality and Maya Archaeology

Follow this link to see progress on my virtual reality ancient Maya site used for spatial analysis and interactive experiential college courses. The videos and pictures were composed from three versions (2013-2014, 2016, 2019-2020) of the virtual reality reconstruction of Cerro Maya (Cerros, Belize).

Although they relied on different software toolsets (CryEngine, Unreal 2.0, Unreal 4.13, Unreal 4.20), all versions were produced to be as historically accurate as possible. Details for the reconstructions were garnered from contemporary research, excavation notes, original survey maps, satellite imagery, and photography.

I have used these reconstructions as analytical tools for examining astronomical uses of architecture, social spaces used for ritual, social segregation, and more. Additionally, these 3d reconstructions have been used as teaching tools for anthropology and archeology classes at the University of Florida, Hampshire College, and The College of New Jersey.

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